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Justin in Sunday Times

Gue ga paham lagi! Pacar gue belakangan ini sibuk bener ya wawancara dimana-mana. Dari lah GQ Magazine, trus Forbes 100 Celebrity List sampe jadi cover segala macam, ini sekarang dia di Sunday Times. Gue ga nemu banyak sih fotonya, tapi kalo beritanya gue ada LENGKAP!

Justin in The Sunday Times!

Okay, ini panjang pake banget pake superb! Link nya aja sampe 3 part gitu cuy --" Kalo lo mau baca yang asli dan edisi bahasa Inggrisnya, lo boleh klik part 1, part 2, part 3 ya. Tapi gue sih bakal taro versi bahasa Indonesianya aja ya disini, cuma bagian bagian lain edisi bahasa Inggris. ga gue masukin semua lah, gue summarize langsung aja yak cuy, panjang bener soalnya makcik ~

“Trapped in a London hotel, with the sound of girls’ screams drifting up from the street, Justin Bieber - creamy skinned, limpid eyed and the biggest teen star in the world - is discussing his penis” This week, the singers crushing popularity on social media sites has resulted in the name “Jerry” trending worldwide. “Yep!” beams the boy-man. “The fans named my penis Jerry, which is funny.” “Why Jerry” “Um, Jerry was actually the largest man,” he smiles, attempting a joke about a big-girthed entrant in the Guiness Book of Records.

Udah gila ya? pembukaannya aja udah ngomongin soal Jerry coba lah --" gue ga paham lagi sih ini anak emang karna udah mature apa udah gila? LOL joke, tapi yah baiklah, mari kita kembali ke pembahasan. Justin lagi interview ditemenin sama Allison Kaye, general manager nya dan salah satu dari geng terdekatnya (bodyguard, musical director, videographer/photographer, stylist, hairstylist, managers, his mother and/or his father) yaitu orang-orang yang selalu mengelilingi Justin sepanjang waktu. 

Well, Justin yang berumur 18 Maret kemaren jadi the first superstar of the social media. Iya banget sih, abis Justin baru deh yang lain pada ikutan ya kan? Well, sweet voice, blinding white teeth and flicky hair yang bahkan sampe punya its own segment di film Never Say Never.

Well, lot of things happen, termasuk bagian Mariah Yeater, 20, yang ngaku-ngaku kalo pas Justin umu 16 tahun, dia melakukan 'sesuatu yang ada di bajumu' ke si Mariah di Staples Center. Yakali --" 

TeamBieber of course denied the accusation, but the kid had to take a paternity test. Was it embarrassing giving a semen sample? “No!” he replies quickly, horrified. “I just had to do, um, it was just DNA, so I didn’t have to do any, like, that type of sample. They just put the swab to my mouth for DNA.”

(Side-note: Bieber is clean cut in many ways. “I hate getting sticky stuff off my hands. I’ve always had, like a phobia - not a phobia, but if I get stuff on my hands, I have to have a washcloth to wash my hands because it just gets so annoying.”)

Maksudnya side note diatas adalah, si Justin itu paling gabisa kalo tangannya agak gimana gitu. Da suka gemes sendiri kalo tangannya lengket atau keringetan atau apalah, dan dia bakal nyuci tangannya langsung, atau ngambil washclotsh, soalnya katanya kalo tangan lengket gitu agak annoying. ah maca cih aaaah? #eehhh

Another pic of justin for The Sunday Times

Well, tadinya wawancara dan foto mau dilakukan di luar gitu, tapi apa daya? Moshe Benabou, 24/7 bodyguar nya Justin, a former Israeli soldier, ga setuju mereka pake acara golf segala. Sepanjang minggu girls been throwing themself ke mobil Justin. Elah, kenapa gue mikir FTV ya? yang kayak ceweknya sengaja nabrakin badan ke mobil Justin, trus kecelakaan, dibawa ke rumah sakit, jatuh cinta. Oke skip, abaikan! Maklum gue random malem ini :p

Well, ditambah road manager, Kenny Hamilton aja, bahkan suka dikejar-kejar sama fans kalo dia berani jogging di taman. Sakit ya? Jadi yah, wawancaranya dilaksanain di hotel doang, begitu juga dengan sesi foto.

Bieber’s ambition is to win over all demographics, not just the hordes of Beliebers, with his new album, Believe. His debut offering, My World 2.O, was a fizzy and gentle, high-pitched tween product - The Osmonds with an R&B topspin - largely created by a host of backroom songwrites. But his follow-up has a roster of A-list, grown-up guests.
“It’s music for everybody, it’s not corny,” he tells me. His co-writers and singers range from Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Will.I.Am to his mentor, Usher, the R&B superstar he calls “big bro”. Bieber had a hand in much of the writing himself. And his voice has broke. Old - that is very young - fans will be kept on side by that still-cherubic voice, and by an update of his haircut into a James Dean-ish quiff.
Meanwhile, the hope is that new - older - fans will be attracted by his creditable collaborations.

Justin bilang kalo Michael Jackson masih pahlawan buat dia, dengan gimana kehidupan masa kecilnya dan segala macam. Justin pengen banget orang bisa dengerin musik dia kayak gitu, dengan fans dari seluruh tingkatan usia.Tenang babe, beliebers paling jago maksain orang lain denger lagu lo :p

After our discussion of genitalia, we move on to facial hair. “I shave, yeah,” If you needed to, would you wax your chest? “Yeah… Um, I don’t know… Shave it or wax ?” “Waxing is the worst,” says Kate, “although actually Justin hates it when they have to pluck his eyebrows.” The Ken-doll handsome Bieber considers this new informationwith a slight wrinkle of his burnished, single-pimpled brow. “I don’t know if I could do it.”

Well, pardon my silly head, tapi gue ga bisa banyangin si justin punya bulu dada kayak Ridho Rhoma muahahahahhahahahah :)) gila anjir ngakak sendiri gue. SKIP! Selanjutnya mereka ngomongin tato, dimana Justin pamer banget soal tato Jesus di kakinya, dan juga tangan yang bedoa di sisi lain. 

gayanya galau amat mas bro?
Bieber is a believer. God and all “that stuff” he testifies, “means a lot to me. I pray when I go to sleep. I pray during the say, when I have a problem or when I just want to thank Him for all He’s done for me. Without God I wouldn’t be in this position. He’s bessed me with the talent and the oppertunity and everything. I feel like there’s also a reason I’m here.”
His mother, Pattie Mallette (1,077,059 Twitter followers), fell pregnant at 18 and split from his 19-year-old father a few months after Justin was born, bringing him up as a single mother in Stratford, Ontario, a small city 80 miles from Toronto. She is even more devout than her son. “She talks to God every second of the day,” he says. Bieber wasn’t hot-housed by a pushy parent - Mallette turned to God for advice when Scott “Scooter” Braun, Bieber’s 30-year-old manager, discovered his homemade videos on YouTube in 2008 and offered him a contract.
Her faith, says Bieber, will be one strand of her autobiography, Nowhere But Up, due out in September. “You know, she was into drugs and alchohol heav [sic], and she was abused as a child, sexually… She just wants to tell the world that you can have a voice and it does get better. She has been through a lot, and she wants me to help the world.” Mallette’s troubled past means she is very protective of her only son, but she seems to leave all the key creative decisions to Braun.

Well, lo bisa banget ya ngeliat bagian diatas ini, yang soal Mom Pattie. Gue sih dari awal, dan akan selalu salut dan juga ngerasa Mom Pattie itu ekce banget. Dengan semua yang dialaminya, dia bukannya ga pernah pergaulan bebas segala macem, tapi dia kembali ke jalan Tuhan, and even more sekarang dia rohani banget gitu. HIDUP MOM PATTIE!

Anyway, back to the tattoos. “Then I got this on my side.” Bieber pulls up his T-shirt, revealing a smooth, lightly muscled torso and the top of his underpants. I fancy that, out on Kensington High Street, the fans’ hysteria just tipped into hormonal glossolalia a Twitterverse reboot of butterfly-flaps-wings chaos theory.
This has happened already this week. At the playback of songs from Believe, he talked to 250 memebers of the media and a few select fans about his new song, Be Alright. It’s dedicated to his Disney-princess girlfriend, the 19-year-old actress/singer Selena Gomez (a relationship non-Beliebers consider a too-perfect, image-enhancing setup). He said he wrote it after he landed in “some random country”. Braun shouted that it was Indonesia, but it was too late. Within hours there calls for Bieber-boycotts in the world’s fifth most populous state. Bieber had to jump on the mice-blogging side and send his 15,249th tweet. He told his (at the time) 20,069,44 followers: “One rumour I won’t stand for is saying what me and my fans have isn’t real. Idonesia I see you. i love u. I love ALL MY FANS #fact”. Phew, crisis averted,

Di bagian ini gue sebagai warga Indonesia MERASA MALU. See? sampe majalah Sunday Times juga ngomongin ini lho. Apa kabar beritanya yak? Udalah dikira bego bahasa Inggris, ngelarang Lady Gaga konser, sampe dibilang obviously Lady Gaga too amazing to Indonesia and they can't handle it. Sorry people, lagi-lagi gue kebawa emosi --" oke, SKIP!

Last year was quite a quite one by his standards. He put out a Christmas record and a perfume, Someday, completed a 130-daye world tour and released his first film, Never Sat Never, the world highest grossing concert movie. His (at the newest time of writing) 21,114,324 twitter followers are only outnumbered by Lady Gaga’s. Who would win in a fight? I ask: his 21m Beliebers or her 23m “Little Monsters”? “I think the Beliebers would win,” says the fiercely competitive Bieber. Really? Your fans are kids. Lady Gaga’s fans probably wear boots and have whips, I point out. “But the Beliebers have dads. Dads are vicious, you know that,” he retorts.

Oke, kemudian dilanjutkan soal gimana Justin selalu ngerasa beruntung akan hidupnya sekarang. Dia bilang mungkin aja sekarang dia ga punya uang buat kuliah, dan well, lingkaran itu akan terus berlanjut. Anak-anaknya ga bakal punya duit juga, dan mungkin, dia bakal jadi ayah muda juga. Yah well, siapa yang bakal nyangka akan ada 1 cowok super hot yang auranya tertutup rambut kelewat gondrong kalo aja Mom Pattie ga ngepost that freaking first video di Youtube.

When news of his “love child” with Mariah Yeater broke, Gomez called him right away. “She was, like, ‘Do you see what they’re saying on the internet?’” “I was like ‘Yeah.’ She was, like, ‘So…’ I was, like ‘No, it’s not true’. ‘Okay, thank you, bye!’ That was it,” he shrugs. “She trusts me.” Bieber has written a song about the incident. “I wanted to do something people would be like ‘Oh, my goodness, I can’t believe he’s talking about that.” To have that awe factor” He’s even named the song after her, although he’s changed her name from Mariah to Maria. The paternity test was humiliating. “I was like, I can’t believe I’m doing a DNA test to see if this is my baby. Of course this is not my baby. I didn’t even meet this person. When I talked to Usher about it, he was like, ‘Listen, this is not gonna be the last time. Always be gracious, and the truth will eventually get out.’”

Okay so yeah, you heard it right. Justin sedikit well, merasa dipermalukan lah dengan harus ngasih sample DNA segala macam, secara jelas-jelas itu bukan anaknya. Dan well, saking "berkesan"nya moment tersebut, Justin bikin lagu dengan judul Maria, agak nyerempet dikit ye dari Mariah. Gue pengen banget denger itu lagu, sambil ngebayangin ulang kasus Mariah Yeater segala macam. Ngakak kali ya gue?

Cuma ya, yang gue kocak adalah bagian si Justin sama Sele ngomong di telepon, yang sele nanya soal rumor itu, trus dibilang boong sama Justin, trus, "Okay, thank you, bye!" APA APAAN ITU? Gue kagak ngerti ini anak dua hubungannya apa sebenernya --"

Unlike Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers, “We never even took a meeting with Nickelodeon or Disney, because we knew that’s not who he was,” Braun says. The claim doesn’t quite square with his cute-as-a-button girlfriend, the star of Disney’s Wizards Of Waverly Place, but it seems Bieber is genuinely besotted with Gomez. At Ellen DeGeneres’ studio, he cuts me off as I ask a question, saying: “I’m going to call my girlfriend.”

So he does, reaching Gomez on the Florida set of her new film Spring Breakers. “Whats up baby? I can’t stop thinking about you… I said I can’t stop thinking about you. That’s all. Yes, so, um, I gotta do this interview but I just wanted to call and hear your voice really quickly… Okay, I love you. Okay bye.”

Nah kan? Gue bilang juga apa? Model pacaran apaan nelponnya begini doang?

Skype and FaceTime keep them connected, he says. “Ten years ago, or even five years, long distance relationships were much harder. Now you see eachother anytime you want!” Is Bieber lonely? It doesn’t seem that way. Surrounded by adults from childhood and possed of an oddly grown-up mienhe has formed friendships that go beyond strictly business. His father, Jeremy, 37, who joined him on his birthday, is often around. Could Jeremy, a tattooed and muscled former mixed martial-arts fighter, tell me something about his son others may not know? “That I can share?” Jeremy replied. “My hands sweat a lot, so do his. And his feet. No, they don’t smell. And he was afraid of the dark for most of his life.” Does he sleep with a light on? “Sometimes.”

Braun, Usher and Kaye all take active roles in “parenting” Bieber. They don’t appear to indulge him, though he has copied Usher and bouht a big Ducatti 848 motorbike. Neither Braun not Mallette are ver happy about that. But, still, this is the day he becomes a man. So Usher and Braun have bought Bieber a car. “Does it fly?” exclaims Bieber. “I don’t want it unless it flies.” The electric Fisker Karma does’t fly, but it did cost $120,000, Bieber’s jaw drops. He climbs in and winds up the window. “Ut smells so good in here!” he yells. 

Two days laterm Bieber confuses the “drive” and “reverse” buttons and shunts the brand new luxury sports car into a pole.

Si Justin kocaknya suka kebangetan emang kadang --" Ya lo kate beli mobil bisa terbang. Dikasi mobil canggihan dikit aja langsung salah tekan begitu -____-" Tapi yah well, itu membuktikan kalo dia emang masih remaja, koplak, labil, suka seenaknya, prankster, dan masih doyan main. What a typical of normal boy kan?

But all things considered, Bieber is a decent kid. The teenage condition is by definition one of self-absorbtion and appogance. Apply that to a hurricane of hard work, a whirlwind of adulation, and an avalanche of cash, you might say he has every right to be a world-beating brat.
But he’s not. He’s kept on a tight leashe by his small, focused entourage. His mum is a crucial bulward to the madness. And Bieber himself know what not to do. Ever been around drugs Justin? “Ah, I don’t really put myself in that postition… I’m pretty clear with that stuff.”What about sex, now that he’s a man? What happens when panties start getting thrown on stage. “The panties are already being thrown on stage man!” he whoops. Already, he’s maturing fast away from an asexualt Peter Pan existance.
Are you a virgin Justin? He gasps, embarrassed. “Ah-hah… Next Question!”

Nah lho mampus deh kan tuh -____-" bagian pertanyaan terakhir si Justin ngejawabnya ngambang begitu. Gantian, lo deh noh yang galau sekarang. Apakah Justin dan Sele? Jangan-jangan...... Mungkinkaaahhh....... Mungkinkah kita kan slalu bersama deh ude ;p

~ Ribka ~

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